Yoruba 16 Oracle Geomancy

Yoruba 16 Oracle Geomancy

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Obtaining an oracle for divination from the coconut/cowrie/coin toss: 

This simple system is a summarized extract of accumulated knowledge from when I first began to toss obi (coconuts) at 16. Granted, it has been expanded with insights from the cowrie (dilogun) and Ifa systems of divination. It has been written for those who after having dedicated much time to spiritual enlightenment, now have a need to verify their communication through a simple 'yes' or 'no' questioning system, plus a more elaborate simple binary extension. Plainly, there are those who do not have an affinity with any divination system. So, I have put together this system of 16 basic signs that will support the communication necessary for any individual to obtain answers. The rest is up to the individual's merited grace and intuition. This system will also expand an individual's medium development through devotion and practice.

To be utilized are four circular coconut shells, 4 coins, or 4 cowrie shells. The objects need to be of the same type, shape, and one side can be identified as facing upward (1), and the bottom side (0). The written format is indicative of the toss being read from bottom to top, and right to left. For the sake of maintaining this system simple i.e. (not limiting to any specific set of divinities) all divinities, which an individual has forged a relationship through their merits will speak to them through this system. All that is needed is an invocation prayer, which they have an affinity with in order to call upon them through an established relationship. 

The Yoruba system of divination is over 8,000 years. It traces back to Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and is still practiced in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and widely throughout the Americas due to the advent of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. It is a binary code system that over thousands of years, its priests have catalogued diagnoses of various ailments and life conditions that are consistent with specific numeral combinations that appear during divination. Baba Sixto, a traditional diviner with over 34 years experience as both an Orisha Priest and Babalawo (High Priest) has devised a system for whereby novices are able to ask simple questions of the oracle.