Yasuke African Samurai: The Life and Legend of Japan’s First African Samurai

Yasuke African Samurai: The Life and Legend of Japan’s First African Samurai

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Brought to Japan in the 16th century by Portuguese traders, he was the first person of African origin who became an instant celebrity. Rumored to be about 7 feet tall, and possessing the strength of 10 men, he garnered the attention of the famed warlord, Oda Nobunaga. He served his master diligently through many battle victories. He is most famously associated with the title of African Samurai. This is the story of Yasuke.


Not much is known about Yasuke. From the historical accounts that are available, we know that, despite his intimidating demeanor, he was a gentle person. This was the first impression Nobunaga had of him when he first saw him surrounded by a large curious crowd in Kyoto. Being taken to immediately, he frequently accompanied the warlord and even dined with him personally which was a rare occurrence at the time.


Come and meet the legendary non-Japanese figure in Japanese history. This wonderful book will help you acquire unique insights into Yasuke's life and times. 


Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in this book:


  • Yasuke's origins, his travels and how he ended up in Japan

  • The cultural context in Japan, and how Yasuke was perceived

  • How Yasuke met Nobunaga and deepening of their association

  • How Yasuke became a samurai warrior 

  • Adopting the Bushido Code

  • Before and after Nobunaga's death 


..... and much more!


Nobunaga was captured by his nemesis Akechi Mitsuhide and forced to commit suicide. Yasuke was captured alive but set free after being deemed less than human. It is not really known what happened to Yasuke, thereafter, or how he lived the rest of his life. This amazing book will grant you unparalleled access to the life of the greatest non-Japanese samurai.