When You Meet a Djembe Drum

When You Meet a Djembe Drum

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This book is about a boy who has had a rough day, but learns a lesson in emotional awareness from a djembe that speaks . A djembe, named Jembe, shows the boy her West African origin- the people who invited djembes, what djembes are made from, and teaches the basics of djembe playing.


Have you been trying to teach your children/students something about African culture? Perhaps you just want them to know about life outside their own continent. Or maybe you just want 

your African kids to learn of their own culture.... Look no further.

This book's illustrates how to play it in a very interesting and engaging manner that keeps 5-12 

year olds excited. The text is backed up with beautiful illustrations that aids the imagination of 

the reader. You would love it!


Ages: 5-12