Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes

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Jean Adams Howes was born on May 13, 1926 in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, the daughter of Ralph and Ethel Adams. Her father was Bermudian and her mother was Canadian. 

After the death of her grandson Aaron, who would aslways ask her how she lost her sight, Jean began visiting many schools in Bermuda, spreading the message to school children about her accident giving them the message about how she was blinded. She wanted to caution them about dangerous play and to cheirsh their eye sight.

She also has given her audiences inspiration by letting them know, that despite any challenges, life can be wonderful, if you are determined to see it through the eyes of hope and love. She has entertained Bermudian School students with her accordion singing her most famous piece, the Bermudian version of "This Land is Your land, this Land is My land".

mrs. Jean Howes is another on of Bermuda's unsung heroes. She came to Bermuda at wo years old. Her contributions remain valuable to see all she meets.