The New Age Bible of Mother Africa

The New Age Bible of Mother Africa

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Vol. 1: "Genetic Engineering, Human Phylogeny, Lost Civilizations, Ancient Knowledge, The Metu Neter & the Anunnaki Gods of Nibiru"

The author, T. Lindsey-Billingsley, has compiled a no-nonsense philosophical study guide exploring racial origins, the African origins of humanity, and prehistoric Kemetic influence throughout the world. The main focus of these studies is on the anthropological and physiological makeup of racial groups, with indepth research into both the 'Out of Africa' theories and divine creationism myths. 

Billingsley supplies concrete evidence to support her conclusions on the true human experience, in lieu of, popular speculation and theory devoid of logic and sound proof. 

In this, and subsequent volumes, the author will establish a new perspective of thinking that will tempt you to challenge the validity of theological creationism and evolution, whilst substantiating a strong position on intelligent design and extraterrestrial intervention.

In these studies, we will examine the tie between primates, humans, extraterrestrial creators, and rare human blood-types. Billingsley touches on numerous relative subjects: from ancient alien ancestors, living hominids, lost ancient cities, and the mysteries of our world’s pyramids. 

With solid research, and justified scrutiny, this author holds no punches when exposing the truth of human origins, hidden history, and esoteric ancient knowledge. 

Billingsley has broken open the vaults of truth, well-guarded by age-old secret societies; and is eloquently revealing the long-lost, controversial, secrets of the human species. Each chapter is jam-packed with lecture, backed by scientific articles, data, and mind-blowing images to drive home the intended wisdom of each arcane lesson plan.
Each volume is a fulfilling journey into scientific creationism and the cosmic mysteries of the complete human experience.