The Kishi: An Esowon Story

The Kishi: An Esowon Story

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A pacifist monk. A threatening darkness. An innocent village hanging in the balance.

Hoping to escape his dark past, Amana travels to the great village of Bajok in search of redemption. The day he arrives, a young woman is slain and the locals point their fingers at the new arrival.

Amana must overcome the village's trepidation. A demon is on the loose and he fears more will die. The solution is obvious—a swift and brutal counterattack. 

But his vow of peace is the last virtue that remains in his tattered soul.

Is his personal peace more valuable than the lives of the innocent, or will Amana be swallowed by the darkness that has hounded him his entire life?

Delve into an African fantasy inspired by the Angola folklore, where Amana will face mystical villains, ancient secrets, and the demons that smolder within himself.