The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet Cookbook

The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet Cookbook

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Do you feel sick and think something is wrong with your body, but you are yet to figure out what is wrong? Frequent Headaches which is often interpreted as stress? Are you looking for a new way to get healthy? Do you wish there was a way to overcome health problems without the damaging effects of modern medicine?

If you answer yes to either of these questions, then Dr. Sebi is who you need.

If  you always feel sluggish and tired, unmotivated, and maybe going about your daily tasks just seems so hard and overwhelming…. well I bet you need a detox!

Here is the solution: activate full body organ cleansing with powerful electric herbs and smoothies approved by Dr. Sebi to soothe and cleanse the liver gall bladder, skin, and other organs.

BUY this book: you’ll find 250 simple RECIPES with PICTURES and Step-by-Step instructions and a complete weekly meal plan.

Pay Attention: each page will amaze you with the elegance of photos. This book is different: rich in images and pleasant to browse. It's like when you eat: the appearance count!. If you are still in doubt,  go now to the "LOOK INSIDE" to get a preview of the care of the contents and the graphic quality of this book.

And compare the difference with other competing books!!! It will dispel all your doubts!

This alkaline diet  consists of an approved Dr Sebi alkaline food list. Includes greens, vegetables, and other plants that are intended to create alkaline conditions in your body. Combined with the freshness of alkaline fruits, the vigor of veggies and the flavor of herbs, you can never go wrong with electric smoothie recipes for your electric body. Purify your liver and yank out excess mucus in the approved 12-day detox.


Within these pages, you will learn:

  • How Dr. Sebi’s treatment plan can help STDs like herpes and HIV
  • The reason why eliminating mucus can help with diabetes
  • Why hair loss no longer has to be permanent
  • How can you lose weight sticking to the diet?
  • Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide and food list
  • Who Dr. Sebi is and his treatment philosophy