Soul Star Chakra Candle

Soul Star Chakra Candle

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The Soul Star chakra is known as the seat of the soul, as it is the point where spiritual energy, and Divine love, enters the body. It is located in your etheric body approximately six – twelve inches above your head.

Fragrance: Ylang ylang, Jasmine, Rose + Geranium essential oils (the aroma is light).
Stone: Angelite dust + Clear Quartz Tumble (to heighten healing, intuition and rebirth).
Purpose: Divine Connection. Center of Divine love, spiritual compassion and selflessness. Release old patterns.

It is recommended to light your Intention Candle when you want to focus your intentions on creating a sacred space to meditate, reflect and manifest goals. To get into a routine - I suggest using the Phases of the Moon to set aside time to practice. 

Just like everything in life, you must do the work. Nothing comes to fruition without working towards a goal.