Road of Ash and Dust

Road of Ash and Dust

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Returning to his roots, almost cost him his life.


A rare and thrilling narrative of The African-American Experience


Unaware that hunger, sickness and deprivation were awaiting him, a young idealist leaves the United States and embarks on a spiritual journey to West Africa. Repeatedly challenged by a world beyond his understanding and thrown into harsh, critical self-reflections, he is repulsed by the image of himself that Africa forces him to confront.


Road of Ash and Dust: Awakening of a Soul in Africa is a deeply intimate and, somewhat, voyeuristic unveiling of aspects of The African-American Experience rarely committed to print. ROAD allows you access to one of the most universal rites of passage, the discovery of self. 


Author E.L. Cyrs channels voices from a distant and muted past, guiding us into understanding that many of the answers to our most troubling questions do, truly, come from within.