Mystical Blend - Incense resin 3/4oz

Mystical Blend - Incense resin 3/4oz

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This amazingly fragrant Mystical Blend Resin Incense is a blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Golden Copal.  Each of these resins have been used for centuries to cleanse and purify sacred spaces and temples.  Together they release a powerful vibration that clears negative energy and purifies the spirit.


Frankincense is perfect for enhancing spirituality, intuition and wisdom.  It clears negative and stagnant energy while attracting positive energy.

Myrrh is perfect for purifying your sacred space before ritual.  It is often used for consecrating altar tools before use.  Fantastic in any type of protection or healing rituals. Copal has a wonderful vibration that can help remove blockages, lift feelings of depression, and deepen your awareness.  It is perfect for any type of Crown Chakra work and bringing clarity during meditation.


To use simply place the resin on a hot charcoal before meditation or ritual to cleanse your sacred space and encourage a deeper connection with the divine.  Sold in 1 ounce quantities.