Melanin Empath

Melanin Empath

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In a Melanated Universe there is much to understand. The ancient connection to the cosmos, and the side effects of knowledge…

(Two Manuscripts in one, includes: Melanin Gift of the Cosmos, and Empath Natural Healing for Beginners)

Do you frequently experience deep emotions:

  • both of your own and of others’ 
  • face sensitivity to sensory stimuli 
  • or feel as if you can sense positive or negative energies when you walk into a room?

No need to worry. You are not going crazy, and you are definitely not alone. You may just be an empath, a natural healer.

Some people are quite sensitive to others, especially when dealing with crowds, which can drain them both mentally and physically. Does this sound familiar to you?

Maybe just a simple trip to the supermarket exhausts you, causing you to need an hour of alone time as a way to recharge your energy. Maybe you are particularly sensitive to superficial people, or find yourself almost repulsed by narcissists and selfish behavior.

It may also just be that you don’t feel as if you "belong” in this world as if there’s something greater behind what can physically be seen. In any case, there is an answer for why you feel this way.

Dive into the realm of spirituality and open your mind to the possibilities that coexist with it. It is a journey of self-discovery and enlightened understanding.

In "The Powers of an Empath & Natural Healer”, you will discover:

  • The characteristics that distinguish one type of empath from another, along with which type is particularly significant to you
  • The importance of crystals and how they can aid your empath type 
  • The #1 particular personality that can eventually destroy an empath if you’re not cautious and how to avoid them 
  • Why we, as a species, are more than just “human” 
  • The miraculous ingredient helpful in protecting and keeping your emotions in check 
  • The 7 energy channels to be aware of and protect 
  • Why you are a gift to the universe and how you can develop your ability for good 
  • The versatile plant you should be incorporating into your everyday life for relief 
  • 5 ways to properly take care of yourself in our energy-filled universe

And much more.