Melanin Moon Magic

Melanin Moon Magic

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How to optimize your health, finances, relationships, and spirituality, even if you have zero experience in moon magick

Are you feeling lost – unable to relax or sleep?

Have you lost touch with your health and life-work balance?

Do you find yourself trying so hard to push for something but it stalls or fails to work out?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you could use the moon’s 8 phases to find the right path for your life and live to the fullest.

The moon is an influential part of who you are because it controls your emotional wellbeing, which you feel deeply but might not express. Considering that you are 60% water and the moon controls ocean tides, you are bound to feel its tugs and movement in everyday life.

Although you were born with a moon sign placement, the changing face of the moon affects you physically, as it changes regularly.

If you are looking for guidance in your everyday life, especially when making decisions, you can harness the power of moon mapping.

Every lunar phase radiates a different kind of energy which you can tap into and use to boost your life experience.

In Melanin Moon Magick, you will discover:

  • The power of melanin: how to reach a higher level of performance by enhancing your entire wellbeing
  • The difference between manifestation and magick -- and its power to influence events through supernatural forces 
  • How to use light magick to attract good things into your life and control your mind and willpower 
  • The moon magick rituals to bring about psychological or physical transformation at different times of the month 
  • How you can use your zodiac sign to see more success in your practices 
  • How crystals work and their importance in magick to help you identify the right crystal to create the connection you desire
  • How to choose the best ritual oils for your intention and the magick you want to perform 
  • Everything you need to know about candle magick and how to use it to protect yourself and your loved ones, and as an aid to achieving your desired goals 
  • How to work with nature’s rhythm to yield a flourishing garden with a variety of color, fragrance, and plentiful harvest 
  • The best spells to cast at different moon phases for a successful life and fulfilled wishes 
  • How to build an effective altar that will work as your ritual workplace, whether you are into extravagance, simplicity, or practicability

And much more…

If you feel like moon magick is for the chosen few and there is no way to tap into the life you desire, this guide will prove you wrong. It contains everything you need to know about manifesting the life you desire, even if you have never practiced lunation.

Whether you are struggling with your health, relationships, or work life, you can harness the power of moon magick.

Living by the moon will make your life easier and sustainable. All you need is to look at your life as if it were the moon cycle and make the most of the moon phase you are in.