Her Seventh Summer

Her Seventh Summer

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Author: Arielle Abiona

From as early I can remember, there has always been pain in my life. My parents kept the dysfunction of their relationship hidden until the birth of my baby sister Silana brought them to the brink of separation.

I vaguely remember bits and pieces of the day it all fell apart, but what will be forever etched in my mind is Daddy’s sudden disappearance and Momma’s silent suffering. I can’t help wondering if they really love me. 

Momma works hard to make up for the gap left by Daddy as though she has something to prove, leaving my sister and I to be raised by our Granny.  

As we try to navigate who we are and who we are meant to become, Momma is swept off her feet by a gentleman who changes the way I view and experience love and life, forever.