Earth Star Chakra Intention Candle

Earth Star Chakra Intention Candle

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Earth Star Chakra
Connection to Mother Earth.

The Earth Star chakra is 12 inches below the soles of your feet. This chakra is the grounding point of the entire chakra system. It connects you to Mother Earth and secures your etheric body to the physical world. The Earth Star Chakra connects to all of humanity.

Fragrance: Patchouli, Orange, Lilac, Pink pepper, jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Musk, Vanilla, & Guaiac Wood
Stone: Crushed Tigers Eye Gem Sand + Red Jasper Tumble — Grounding, Connection, Strengthen + Protection
Purpose: Physical Connection. When balanced and healthy, can easily manifest things. Aids with stability and grounding. When one is grounded, they are able to increase focus.


I am connected to the Earth’s energy force.
I release what does not serve my highest good.
I am connected to nature. I am safe, protected and grounded.
There is no lack, everything I need, I have.
I know my worth, therefore I am worthy of all great things.
Abundance is my birthright.

It is recommended to light your Intention Candle when you want to focus your intentions on creating a sacred space to meditate, reflect and manifest goals. To get into a routine - I suggest using the Phases of the Moon to set aside time to practice. 

Just like everything in life, you must do the work. Nothing comes to fruition without working towards a goal. 

Think it
Feel It
Speak It
Manifest It