Crown Basquiat Chain

Crown Basquiat Chain

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1x2 inch pendant
-Franco Chain
-18k Gold Plated


ean-Michel Basquiat- The Haitian-American artist’s iconic paintings and drawings astonished the art world in the 1980’s. His simple yet perplexing interpretation of black identity in America intrigued artist of all races.

Basquiat’s rise to fame coincided with hip-hop’s emergence, and his work conveyed similar themes. His 1981 painting The Irony of the Negro Policeman echoed the messages of groups NWA and Public Enemy.

His signature crown appears frequently in the early work of Jean-Michel Basquiat signaling his ambition and understanding of art history. Many artists used their monarchs to symbolize their own fame or fortune. But Basquiat, lacking those characteristics early in his career, used his abstract crown to symbolize his own kingdom. One friend who knew him early on wrote: “He could walk into a thrift store with five bucks and come out looking like a king. In fact he basically behaved like a king who had accidentally switched lives. 

Recently, his paintings from 1982 “Untiled” sold for $110.5 million. Becoming the highest painting ever sold by an American artist, & the 6th highest painting ever sold by any artist.