Abigail’s Dream Adventures Deluxe Coloring Book

Abigail’s Dream Adventures Deluxe Coloring Book

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This children’s book is about a precocious little girl named Abigail who has wonderful adventures during the day and mystical magical dreams at night with her friends joining in her dreams from around the world.

It’s time for bed and for sleepyheads all over the world to dream!

Each night Abigail’s dreams take her to far away places to visit her friends in never seen places and countries near and far.

Places with fairies, unicorns and pink cherries, shimmering mermaids and seahorses that twirl, wild and leafy jungles, frog ponds and Banyan trees with mossy curls – fun adventures all shared with her best friend Pearl.

Abby she is affectionately called by her Momma, climbed into bed and snuggled down into her soft warm blankets her mind drifting off to those exotic places.