The Akan, other Africans & the Sirius Star System

The Akan, other Africans & the Sirius Star System

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The Akan are an African Indigenous group found primarily in the southern parts of Ghana, in Cote d'Ivoire and in Togo. In this book, I shed light on certain language, culture and traditions of the Akan people that point to influence from beings of the Sirius star system. Just about every African ethnic group is connected to the Sirius star system in one way or another. These can be found in their legends, their language and their culture. Africans and people of the world have been lucky to learn from great shamans and sages such as Credo Mutwa, Malidoma Some and the Dogon priests. 

The story of the Akan as well as the Dogon, Dagara, Zulu and other African cultures is important to our understanding of human origins. These cultures have preserved in their traditions and oral histories what Europeans and the West are only now beginning to understand. They reflect a reality so wide, so deep and so different from western cultural understanding that most ‘educated people’ simply dismiss the stories as primitive myth. Not so. The truth is that these cultures have preserved in story, dance, singing, drumming, celebrations and initiatory practices the ancient, more accurate story of our human origins, which can be traced through the evolution of language and culture. The tale they paint reaches deep into the past, well beyond current notions, to reveal an amazing story that spans the scope of our entire galaxy and the Sirius star system in particular. 

Brief table of contents 

1. Introduction 
2. The Dogon 
3. The Falcon Clan 
4. The Akan of West Africa 
5. The Akan Doctrine of God, ETs and Nature Spirits 
6. The Sirians 
7. Clarifications 
8. Sources 
9. Additional Material 
10. About the Author