Today Is Great!: A Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids

Today Is Great!: A Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids

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hen kids write good things down, their happiness goes up

Here's the secret: if kids know how to keep happy things in mind, they'll be happier people. This gratitude journal for kids is a space for them to write those things down and practice being positive and appreciative.

Even tiny acts of gratitude can totally change the way kids think and feel. Let them learn what these acts look like, with a gratitude journal for kids that includes daily writing space and funny illustrated characters on every page that will make them want to keep on writing.

Today is Great! is a daily gratitude journal for kids that offers: 

  • A fresh start-There's a new blank entry every day, so kids always have a chance to write down something positive.
  • Are you up to the challenge?-This gratitude journal for kids includes built-in challenges, like writing a thank-you note to someone who helped them.
  • Questions and quotes-Kids will answer writing questions like "What's a special talent you have?" and read quotes about gratitude from famous figures.