Chakras for Beginners: The ultimate guide to HEALING your CHAKRAS and BALANCING your ENERGY through awareness, essential oils, crystals and y

Chakras for Beginners: The ultimate guide to HEALING your CHAKRAS and BALANCING your ENERGY through awareness, essential oils, crystals and y

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f you want to know what the chakras are and how to heal them for a prosperous life then keep reading....

We live in an energetic universe. Our experiences, thoughts, feelings, and even our physical health and well-being are all heavily influenced by the unseen energies within and around us. These energies and thoughts create matter, in the form of tangible ideas, health conditions and even many of the life circumstances from which we learn and grow. 

Chakras are very important because rules all aspects of our life.


  • How to know if one or more of your chakras is blocked or out of balance

  • How to healenergise and clear your chakras quickly and effectively with these 4 techniques

  • Which new behaviours, thinking habits, routines and techniques to adopt in order to stay in balance

  • How to re-energise your chakras after being depleted

  • How to avoid being targeted by energy vampires

  • Why it's more important than ever to stay grounded and keep your energy clear and vibrant in this ascending world

Written by a 5th dimensional healerintuitive and psychic development mentor with several years of experience tutoring energy healers, psychic practitioners and empaths, this practical and deeply explorative book is the essential guide to developing chakra awareness and maintaining on-going chakra health. If you're looking for a way to understand what chakras are and why they're so important in maintaining overall balance in mind body and spirit, you'll love reading this book.

Written with absolute beginners in mind, this book will give you an in-depth introduction to each of the chakras - their qualitiesSanskrit namescolours and functions, as well as touching on more advanced concepts such as energy-clearing and spiritual awakenings.

Using the stories of seven fictional characters, this book will take you on a journey of discovery, illustrating how it might actually feel to experience an imbalance in each of the chakras. Based on knowledge acquired through years of working one-to one with clients and students, these stories will gently guide you through a series of experiences and possibilities, through which you'll experience the incredible vibrational world of these potent energy centres in a very powerful way. 

You might recognise yourself in these pages and begin a sacred healing journey towards releasing emotional, mental or karmic patterns that have plagued you for years. 

Packed with energy management and clearing techniques that will raise your awareness to a new level, whilst also covering the essential chakra basics.