Free Your Mind: An African American Guide to Meditation and Freedom

Free Your Mind: An African American Guide to Meditation and Freedom

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Although more and more Americans are practicing meditation, it is still relatively rare among African Americans. In Free Your Mind, Cortez Rainey does something about this by speaking directly to African Americans about meditation.

Free Your Mind introduces meditation by using stories about the heroic men and women who journeyed from slavery to freedom on the Underground Railroad.

This easy to read guidebook explains how to use meditation principles and techniques at home, either alone or with family and friends, to free your mind from thoughts that keep you shackled and bound.

As you apply the principles and practice the techniques, the stories about Underground Railroad heroes and heroines-such as Harriet Tubman-will guide you and inspire you to overcome challenges you encounter while meditating, as well as the ones you encounter in everyday life.

Free Your Mind presents meditation as a path that African Americans can use to develop a mind that is free of limiting thoughts. As you journey, you will bring forth more of your "inherent goodness, genius, and potential." Eventually, you'll reach the "Promised Land."

Free Your Mind is a Nautilus Book Award Winner, Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist, and NAACP Image Award Nominee.