NAKAKONO Speciality Robusta Coffee (Ground)

NAKAKONO Speciality Robusta Coffee (Ground)

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Uganda Speciality Grade Coffee 100% Robusta. Single origin. Ground coffee.


The Nakakono Organic Valley is pleased to introduce its 2020 vintage of Robusta Coffee.

Nakakono coffee is grown organically at 1400 meters above sea level in central Uganda in the village of NAKAKONO.

The coffee that comes from this region has a distinct spice flavour of black pepper and cloves, with a sweet caramel, malt-acid and dark chocolate after taste. All our beans are handpicked, at the peak of perfection, dried in natural sunlight, and then holding to the strictest of standards, they are processed.

Nakakono coffee has been cup tasted to SPECIALITY GRADE, by an expert team of R Graders of the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

All Nakakono products have received nonGMO certification