Amethyst Crystal Cluster - with Standing Wood Base #1

Amethyst Crystal Cluster - with Standing Wood Base #1

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Amethyst is a highly mystical stone that encourages spirituality and spiritual insights. It heightens our sense of justice and encourages us to act from a place of deep integrity. Amethyst makes an extremely good meditation stone and can help to quiet the mind from distractions. It increases intuition and enhances psychic gifts, while ensuring that we remain logical and grounded. 

Amethyst encourages us to abstain from overindulgence in all forms, including emotional indulgence. Amethyst helps us to identify the root causes behind behaviors and emotional patterns, and to have the courage to make the necessary changes.

Amethyst encourages clarity, focus, and awareness. It helps us to take responsibility for our own actions and encourages us to overcome addictive behavior and mental blocks.

Approximately 6 inches high.  

Ethically sourced in Brazil